Our one-year Privilege Membership has been designed to provide comprehensive healthcare cover for an affordable Membership premium. As a Privilege Membership cardholder, you will benefit from access to medical services for both outpatient and inpatient services at FVH with considerable financial support in the event of the unexpected.

Inpatient services benefits

As a Privilege Member, you are entitled to inpatient insurance coverage for hospitalisation fees of up to VND 132,000,000 per year. This cover includes:

  • Up to VND 66,000,000 for medical expenses following accident, including Accident & Emergency Department care, hospitalisation charges and surgery fees.
  • Up to VND 66,000,000 for hospitalisation expenses, surgery fees and other maternity-related costs. This coverage includes:
    • Up to VND 3,300,000 per day for Accident & Emergency Department treatment
    • Up to VND 3,300,000 per day for room charges and other hospitalisation expenses.
    • Up to VND 52,800,000 for surgery fees.
    • Up to VND 28,600,000 for childbirth-related costs, excluding prenatal or pre-delivery consultations, with the following sub-limits:
      • Up to VND 3,300,000 per day for hospitalisation costs incurred by normal delivery or pregnancy complications.
      • Up to VND 22,000,000 for Caesarean section (C-section)

As a Privilege Member, you will also benefit from a discount of 15% on hospitalisation charges not covered by the insurer subject to various exclusions**.

Outpatient services benefits

  • Unlimited free-of-charge consultations within selected specialties* at FVH and FV Saigon Clinic.
  • Unlimited free-of-charge consultations at FVH Accident & Emergency Department.
  • A discount of 20% on FVH Health Check-up Programmes (excluding the Wellness Health Check-up programme).
  • A discount of 5% on investigation services and diagnoses prescribed by an FVH Doctor.

Privilege Membership fees

Privilege membership premiums are tiered according to the age of the insured Member, ensuring you benefit from the best possible care at the best possible price.

Members ineligible for inpatient insurance coverage under the PTI Healthcare Insurance can still purchase Privilege Membership at the above rates but will only be entitled to outpatient service benefits and discount benefits for hospitalisation offered by FVH

Select Age Of Member Price
From 15 days to under 1 year old 10,500,000
From 1 to under 5 year old 12,000,000
From 5 to under 10 year old 10,500,000
From 10 to under 55 year old 8,500,000
From 55 to under 60 year old 9,000,000
From 60 to under 65 year old 11,000,000
From 65 to under 70 year old 12,100,000
From 70 to under 75 year old 13,200,000
From 75 to under 80 year old 14,300,000
From 80 to under 85 year old 15,400,000
From 85 year old up (only for eligible renewing members until Oct 31, 2016) 16,500,000