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Chairwoman of Victoria cosmetic surgery centre: Beauty can help guide your way to happiness and success


Mrs Victoria Hanh Phuoc, renowned for establishing herself in the highly competitive cosmetics field in the US, shares her secrets to success.

I had a chance to talk with Mrs Hanh Phuoc in July after she’d met with the FVH clinical team in preparation for our new partnership to introduce safe, effective cosmetic procedures to Vietnam. Formerly Mrs All Nations Universal 1995, her charm and courteousness and direct way of talking made me warm to her instantly.

You won a beauty pageant and you’ve also worked in the cosmetics field for over three decades. Have your standards of feminine beauty changed over time?

At the time I was competing, an oval face and light double chin with harmonised features was prized as the standard of beauty. But now, a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones and a V-shaped chin is the preferred look.

Clearly, some standards for beauty vary over time, with some becoming a hot trend at one time and then becoming old-fashioned later. However, there is one thing that has remained standard for me, unchanged over the years.

The beauty of a woman is not only found in her physical appearance, but also in the way she behaves and carries herself. Attractive looks coupled with a good character combine to give a woman a unique appeal.

And if you have a flawless personality but there are some aspects of your appearance that you’re not happy with, why not change them to become a new you?

I always believe that you are beautiful when you are confident with your look. You may be surprised what it can do.

Women don’t take care of their looks for the praise of others or to keep their husband, as many say.

They take pride in their appearance because they love looking at their best in the mirror every morning. That happiness can bring them positive, strong energy to do better at work and realise their dreams.

At this time, as public awareness of cosmetic procedures is increasing, a good look can be a key advantage both in your professional and personal life.

Many women are still not comfortable with cosmetic surgery because they worry about invasive procedures, changes in their body structure and the risk of post-surgery complications. As an expert in cosmetology, what do you think of these concerns?

There are different ways to achieve a better facial look, with varying degrees of invasiveness. Women need to have thorough  understanding about exactly what’s involved in a procedure before undergoing it.

Rather than have surgery, you can opt for a medical procedure to reshape your face, undergoing minimally invasive procedures to remove wrinkles or fat deposits. You can also undergo major plastic surgeries with the highest degree of safety.

I decided to accept the invitation to partner with FV Hospital because I trust its impeccable ethics in providing healthcare services. The staff here is committed to providing patients with detailed information before selecting a treatment option, giving patients the confidence to make changes and improve their look.

However, I do not encourage women to try to change themselves too much using cosmetic surgery. Some women want to have similar appearance to their favourite singer or model and rely on cosmetic surgeries to do this. I do not advocate this. You can count on cosmetic procedures only to become a better version of yourself. We can only be happy if we are ourselves, not through trying to become someone else.

You have over 35 years’ experience in in the cosmetics field – an industry where there are huge challenges in retaining clients and developing the business. What are your keys to success?

It makes me happy to see not only Vietnamese people in the US but also people from many countries around the world place their trust in my cosmetics centre. I believe that the most powerful tool to maintaining competitive strength in this field is applying the three Hs: Head – Hands – Heart.

The first, Head, stands for updating your professional knowledge to give your clients the optimal treatment option. The next is offering expert techniques using your Hands. The last, but most important, is using your Heart to take care of your patients and treat them like members of your own family.

If you go above and beyond for your patients and make them feel secure with your level of service, you will win their hearts and souls, including the most fastidious ones.

The more aggressive the market is toward you, the more firmly you need to hold your ground to be competitive and offer the best services.

What are your plans in Vietnam in the coming time?

I received the offer of partnership from FV Hospital six years ago but I wasn’t ready to make the move at that time. After my husband’s death, I thought I needed to spend more time with my children who were then at college. Now that they have graduated and are pursuing their own careers, I can accept this invitation and continue my dream.

In addition to this partnership with FV Hospital, I also want to help disadvantaged people, the elderly, women and orphans in Vietnam. My greatest source of happiness and ideals for life is to use my resources to make a contribution to the communities here, in addition to taking care of my family.

It is thought that women in business often find it challenging to balance work and family. In your case, I see a woman who excels in business while also keeping her family happy and enjoying motherhood.

Thank you! I think that we often place our responsibilities and work over our chances to create happiness in our personal life. It is your balance inside and happiness at home that replenishes your energy, enabling you to complete any mission you pursue.

Sometimes, you see me seated in the front row at Paris by Night, partying and taking photos with the performers. What you see is my social life. In addition to that side of me, I love spending peaceful moments at home with my children or taking some hours to read a book or go shopping.

When speaking to my children about the value of family connections, I tell them: “I’m not afraid to work hard to support you and give you a better future. But you need to remember that your family is your home. No matter where you go, please remember that your family will always welcome you with warmth and love whenever you need it.”

Now that you have the perfect balance between work and life, what do you want to achieve next?

Once I visited a Vietnamese orphanage in Indonesia, where I met with hundreds of disadvantaged children. Before I left, they surprised me with a touching gift when they gathered in front of me and sang me a song “Lang toi” (My village).

Their singing really moved me and reminded me of my home country. I have visited many countries but spent very little time in Vietnam. So from now on, I will visit Vietnam more, and spend more time appreciating this place. This is the thing that makes me very happy!

Thank you for sharing today!

Source: Business Women Magazine, issue of August 2017