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Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultation With Victoria Hanh Phuoc At FV Hospital


Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc is the chairwoman of Victoria Cosmetic Surgery Centre in the US with 35 years of experience in the highly competitive cosmetics field. Every year, Victoria Cosmetic Surgery Centre performs thousands of successful cosmetic surgeries. Thus, Victoria Hanh Phuoc is renowned with great reputation in the overseas Vietnamese community. She always stays up to date with the latest trends in beauty and enhances her professional knowledge, applying advanced techniques for her patients to ensure their safety and satisfaction with their service.For those that have already visited FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology and received a consultation from Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc, you must be so impressed by her dedicated and thorough consultations. Based on her knowledge and understanding of scientifically proven facial proportions, she will give you a consultation with a customized treatment plan that best suits you.

Ms. Minh Anh – aged 35, living in HCMC, came to FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology for a consultation for breast augmentation. She had the opportunity to meet and receive consultations from Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc. After the successful surgery, she felt completely satisfied with the results, sharing, “I did not feel confident about my body and I have always wanted breast implants but I did not know which procedure best suits my body and I was afraid about unsuccessful results.I fortunately came across the information about Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc’s partnership with FV Hospital, so I decided to come to FV Hospital to ask for her consultation because I heard about her for a long time. Listening to her dedicated consultation, I understood the breasts needed to suit me and follow my body proportions. She also explained in detail about different techniques with its own advantages, especially the safety of each surgery which made me confident with my decision. The result of the surgery was beyond my expectation. I feel so lucky to have an opportunity to meet Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc at that time, and I am also pleased with the dedicate team of FV doctors, all facilities and especially the post-operative care at FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology” – Ms. Minh Anh shared. Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc said: “There are different ways to achieve a better look, with varying degrees of invasiveness. Women need to have a thorough understanding about exactly what’s involved in a procedure before undergoing it. With a careful consultation, you can opt for a medical procedure from minimally invasive procedures to major plastic surgeries with the highest degree of safety and satisfaction”.

If you are curious about knowing more about any cosmetic surgery procedures and have the desire for a consultation at FV Hospital, from 19 – 30 Mar 2018, FV Hospital, together with Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc, will give free consultations to interested customers. Being the senior consultant specialist, Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc will give you a detailed consultation based on her experienced knowledge and skill in the cosmetic field.

You will be given a customized and optimal plan to help you take pride in your appearance. Besides the opportunity to receive free consultations from Mrs. Victoria Hanh, FV Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology also offers comprehensive health and beauty care from international specialists in a contemporary hospital setting with the high standards of sterility for operating rooms in Vietnam plastic surgery procedures.

Especially, apart from the free consultations, the first 50 customers who decide to take the cosmetic surgery after the consultation with Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc will be offered a 10% discount for these procedures: Breast, Nose, Eyelids, Liposuction, Lifting, Face (Chin Implant), Dermolipectomy.

For more information or for booking an appointment with Mrs. Victoria Hanh Phuoc, please contact (028) 5411 3333, ext 1552