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FV invests in the latest generation 256 slice CT Scanner, reducing the risk of radiation exposure for patients

A 256 slice CT Scanner is now in operation at FV Hospital, reducing image capture time and the patient’s exposure to harmful X-rays by 50 per cent when compared to conventional CT Scanners

CT scanning is one of the most important diagnostic imaging methods available to doctors as it enables them to take the initiative in controlling the images produced to make a diagnosis. As part of FV’s ongoing commitment to quality the hospital has invested in a 256 SLICE CT SCANNER – one of the latest slice CT scanners available.

This scanner is designed with two X-ray tips with different levels of energy and two detector arrays, which halves the number of X-rays the patient is exposed to and doubles the capture speed. The scanner is equipped with a Stellar Infinity probe, which reduces image noise and produces excellent quality images. In addition, the 256 CT Scanner has a 3D camera integrated with advanced processing software, supporting imaging capture, determination of the patient’s location and height as well as better assessment of injuries such as tumours and different types of stones.

According to Dr Truong Hieu Nghia, Vice Head of the Diagnostic Imaging Department of FV Hospital, the new CT scanner offers greater support in the early diagnosis of various diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and osteoarthritis.

FV is among the few hospitals in Vietnam with a 256 CT Scanner. The hospital regularly upgrades its technologies to include the most advanced medical equipment, making a great contribution to early diagnosis and effective treatment.

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